Chapter XV

Where the Internet meets the Web on my Cloud

A worldly scholar, in the 21st Century with a passion for freedom, a pension for piracy & a taste for pizza.
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Who I am, what I can do for you & how you can contact me. A fluid combination of Scientist & Artist;
a renaissance ScienArtist.

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Galleries of projects, art forms & other creations. My elements & designs of ideas through visual communication.

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The tools I use in the process of problem solving & creativity, the companies I have worked with & my education & training.

A 21st Century, renaissance ScienArtist

I was born with a camera in my hand & a curiosity about the Universe! The fondest memories, of my surreal childhood are captured on Polaroid in black & white; it's the color prints I have collected from my life that have become sublime.

A worldly scholar with a pension for piracy and a passion for freedom

I see change as a constant, deviation as exploration, & questions as opportunities. I believe nothing good is easy, fear can drive, & sanity is a town between Chicago & Montana.

In a world where I feel so small I can't stop thinking big

Photography gives me an opportunity to explore the world around me. Recording the natural world & researching why? Asking the big question & finding the answers but still needing to know why.

Even logic must give way to physics
Sociology & Mathmatics, business & politics, Computer & Information Systems with a dash of color & String theories... Watching, learning, & teaching; interacting with a diversity of people, in unique situtations has taught me a plethora of skills & talents to exploit.

Freedoms & Privacies

I'm an Information & Graphic Designer, a Web Developer & Computer Support Specialist, a Systems Engineer & Culinary Consultant, a photo editor & copywriter, an executive admistrative professional & I do my best to enjoy the art scene. I support the campaigns for human rights, freedom of speech & net neutrality. I continue my life study of environmental science as an avid bicyclist, naturalist & existentialist. I view the changes going on in the world around me, photograph some & express them in a multitude of ways. I enjoy gardening, hiking & exploring.